Astrapharm Chilli Brand Porous Capsicum Plaster Strong - 1 Patch ( Large )

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Astrapharm "Chilli Brand"  Porous Capsicum Plaster Strong (Large)

The comfortable remedy for Lumbago th ewlief of symptoms for muscular pain and stiffness and cramp.


Wash the skin with soap and water and dry it well. Remove the covering material from the adhesive side of the plaster. Place the plaster on the aching spot and press it on the skin until it sticks. After use, remove the plaster by taking it at one corner and tear it off. If there are any remnants, they can be removed easily by rubbing the spot with baby oil or olive oil. In extreme cases a second one may be applied.


Active Ingredients

Capsicum Extract 2.86 % w/w
Zinc oxide 14.29 % w/w


Dersan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


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