Dandelion Life Blood - 10ml x 10 pieces/box

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Using modern biological technology, the blood nourishing liquid is made by lactic acid iron extracted from natural traditional Chinese medicines and scientific formulation.

Blood nourishing liquid is designed according to thye requirement and health of Asian people’s physical fitness. It is of excellent quality.
Convenient for taking orally, rapidly dissolved and absorbed in stomach and intestines.
Advanced process technology, delicious taste of mouth, free of unpleasant odor, free of side effect;
Main materials: Lactic acid iron, radix codonopsis, longan meat, medlar, honey, etc.
Ingredient content: people with nutritional anaemia
Suitable for treatment of:: One piece for each time; take one in the morning and one in the evening (This product contains no cane sugar)
Specification: light brown liquid with a little deposition
Storage This product cannot substitute medicine; nutriment is added in the product, and over recommended dose is not recommended when taking together with nutriment supplement of the same type.
Shelf life: <span style="font-size:9.0pt;Arial" ,"sans-serif""="">twenty four months

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